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About Giveaway

If you're part of the 420 Family you MUST be part of this giveaway because it's, hmmmm, fucking awesome! The rules are really simple, all you gotta do is select one of the iPhone from the pictures below then click on that "confirm" button, after that you will be redirected to the page where you need to enter your shipping details. We pick 10 winners daily from the whole database and ship the iPhones to their address without any costs. 

Is shipping really free? There is no fees at all?

For USA residents it’s 100% FREE, we cover all the shipping and handling fees for YOU. Which means you won’t have to pay a cent for this! For Non-USA residents your country custom taxes may apply, and that’s something we can’t really control, anyways it’s a really small fee based on our knowledge for the most of countries (2-10$).

When will I receive my product ?

Since this is a promotional giveaway you can have idea how much job we have in our warehouse, based on that we ship out in 5-6 days from your submission and delivery depends on DHL. For USA primary case is that people receive package under 10 days, for Non-USA it takes 10-40 days.

Human Verification? What to do?

In some cases our anti-spam protection recognize your device or IP like potentional threat for our system. Human Verification is really easy just follow the steps they provided on the Human Verify check.

How to know if I'm the winner?

You will receive an email.

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